Camping while Travelling

In my post about Catching the Travel Bug, I wrote a bit about my relationship with camping. I love camping for it’s own sake, and I also love being able to incorporate it into other trips. Our trip to Nova Scotia included camping and, whenever we get to take our trip to Newfoundland, it will… Continue reading Camping while Travelling

Reading, The World Map of Books

Travelling Pages: Books set in Newfoundland

Since I won’t be travelling to Newfoundland this summer, I figured that the next best thing might be to travel through reading! So I have scoured the internets and compiled a list of 15 books set in Newfoundland across a variety of Genres. There are many I have added to my reading list, and I hope you will find some that you want to add to your lists!


Planning to Travel Pt 2 – Being Intentional About Saving

Last week I talked about how travel doesn’t just happen. It takes planning, and intentionality. I shared a bit about how I learned about the importance of being intentional in planning and saving for travel if it is something that you are interested in doing. If you missed that post, I would recommend checking it… Continue reading Planning to Travel Pt 2 – Being Intentional About Saving


I Would Love to Travel But… Being intentional about Travelling

There are so many reasons we can find for not travelling - I think highest on the list are often time and money. Sometimes it takes more than just wishing we had more money or infinite time. Sometimes we need to be creative in the ways that we plan time and save money for travel. In this, part one of a two part series, I take a look at how I learned to be intentional about planning to travel.


Catching the Travel Bug: My Travel Story

A few weeks ago, I wrote about starting a travel blog in the time of a Pandemic. In that post, I talked a bit about why I wanted to start a travel blog, but didn’t really talk about how I discovered my love for travel. In my post about the connection between books and travel,… Continue reading Catching the Travel Bug: My Travel Story


Starting a Travel Blog during a Pandemic?

As those who know me may be aware, I am almost notorious for starting writing projects and then not carrying through with them. I have wanted to keep a blog for years, but have not yet managed to keep one running consistently for any length of time. I just haven’t managed to find the right… Continue reading Starting a Travel Blog during a Pandemic?