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I’m Meaghan E Fowler, and I am so glad that you decided to stop by. I love to talk about travel, exploring, and books. I think that travelling and reading both help us satisfy our love of exploring and adventuring. For all those times we can’t get away on a trip, we can always be reading something new. I might not get to travel as much as I would like, but I read A LOT.

I currently live in (and grew up in) Waterloo Region, Ontario Canada. Along with finding new things to do and new places to visit close to home, I enjoy exploring Ontario, the rest of Canada and beyond…though I admit, I haven’t done the “beyond” nearly as much as I would like.

About 5 years ago (the fall of the year that I turned 28), I took a giant leap and moved to London, England on a 2-year working holiday/youth mobilization visa. After never before having been on a plane, or living more than a couple hours away from my hometown, I packed myself up and flew across the ocean all by myself, fully embracing the possibility that I would be there for the full two years.

In the end, I lived in London for 13 months before moving back home. While I absolutely loved London and all the travel I was able to do from there, I also missed my home and family. The decision to stay only a year or so was solidified when I found out that my sister was expecting her first baby right around that next Christmas. Do I sometimes wish that I had stayed the entire 2 years? Sure. But I also know that I would have regretted not being around for the first year of my nieces’ life.

While I love the idea of travelling the world full time, I am a homebody at heart, and I know that it can be just as lovely to come home after a trip as it is to plan and take the trip. I am also very connected to my home and community, and I know what it means to try and fit a love of travel around life, family, and a full time job.

I had done some travel prior to moving to London , and have done lots of camping through the years, but it was with this grand UK adventure that I truly discovered a love for travelling and exploring new places. I also discovered that I LOVE trip planning. I might love the planning stage of a trip almost as much as the actual travelling itself.

I started this blog because I wanted a place to share my love of travel and hopefully inspire others to pursue their own passion for travel and exploring – whether that’s by helping you through the process of planning your next big trip, or in providing your next great read so you can explore the world from the comfort of your favourite chair.

I hope that you will stay awhile and spend some time exploring with me.

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