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June Reading Wrap Up

In my May wrap up, I said that I thought my reading slump was over. It turns out that was a little bit right and a little bit wrong. I did have a pretty good reading month in June, and I managed to complete 9 books. But I read the majority of those books in… Continue reading June Reading Wrap Up


Planning for Socially Distanced Travel?

About two weeks ago, just when I was finally going to sit down and start cancelling things for our trip to Newfoundland, I got a call from the hostel we had booked for St. John’s. The caller asked if we were still planning on our trip, and he informed me there was a chance we… Continue reading Planning for Socially Distanced Travel?

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10 Novels that Feature Camping

When I set out to put together this list of books that feature camping, I was confident that it wouldn’t be all that difficult. Though putting together these types of lists is typically time consuming, I normally have a good basis of posts and lists to start from. Both Google and Goodreads have always been… Continue reading 10 Novels that Feature Camping