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10 Fictional Destinations I’m Dreaming About Right Now

Do you ever read a really great book and wish that you could visit the world contained within it’s pages? Do you ever wish that you could take a road trip to the fictional town in your favourite television show or movie? Becausea I do.

I spend more time than I should probably admit, dreaming about and imagining scenarios where I am immersed in a fictional world. Sometimes, in the case of a long series, I spend so much time in the world that I can almost believe I’ve actually been there – especially when the author or creator is skilled at detailed world building.

Last post I talked about the 10 Trips that I am dreaming about right now. Since there’s not much travel happening this year, dreaming and planning is almost all that can be done in the real world. Luckily, there are no travel restrictions in place when it comes to fictional destinations, so I’ve spent some time thinking about the fictional destinations I would most like to visit.

This list isn’t exhaustive. Some locations were left off because I wanted to include some “off the beaten path” locations. There are also some worlds that are very well written and detailed that I didn’t include because I’m not sure they would make great tourist destinations – I’m looking at you, Panem. That’s not to say that the below locations would be completely safe for tourists. But after much deliberation, these are the 10 fictional places that I would most like to visit right now.

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

1. Narnia

This might be an obvious destination to include on a list such as this, but I just couldn’t pass it by. Because of it’s very nature, it’s a world that lends itself well to travel dreams. You can almost believe that you might be able to stumble upon it someday. When a world can be accessed through a wardrobe or a work of art, it feels almost within reach.

It might not always be the safest of travel destinations, but it is the one that I most wish to visit. I would love to see the lantern in the woods and the home of the Beavers. I would also really love to sail the seas on a ship with Prince Caspian. But I’d want to make sure to not get involved in any quests or dangerous journeys.

2. Middle Earth

Hobbit Houses in the hills. Image by Nel Botha from Pixabay

Speaking of dangerous journeys… I would love to visit Middle Earth, as long as there are no potentially world ending wars going on at the time. You would need to set aside a good length of time for a trip to Middle Earth. I don’t think you could fit all the big locations in a two week trip, so plan for at least a month.

I wonder if Rivendell would allow tourists. That is definitely one location that I think would be the most difficult to arrange. I imagine a limited number of very expensive accommodations. I also wouldn’t want to miss having a drink at the Prancing Pony in Bree and taking a guided tour of the Lonely Mountain… so many locations, so little time!

3. Discworld

This destination is less well known than the previous two. This is the world in Terry Pratchett’s series of the same name. This is another world that could be dangerous, even for tourists, but I think with a good guide you could possibly manage to avoid some of the dangers. There would be a lot of research required beforehand though, even just to make sure that you had paid any of the necessary guild fees associated with a visit to the city of Ankh Morpork.

My top priority for this trip would be Ankh Morpork and the surrounding cities. I would also like to visit Uberwald, though I acknowledge that there are additional risks involved in visiting that area – such as vampires and werewolves to name a few.

4. The Lost Cities

These are the cities of the Elves and other magical creatures from Shannon Messenger’s series “Keeper of the Lost Cities.” Since I have only read the first 3 books, I have a lot to learn about what it would be like to visit this destination. I would definitely schedule in time to visit the magical creatures reserve, and Atlantis would be high on my list of priorities as well. I’m sure there are many other activities and locations that will be added to my travel itinerary as I read more of this series.

5. Space, The Final Frontier

The Earth from space. Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

This is space a la Star Trek. In real life I’m not sure whether I would actually want to go into space. If road trips and air travel can give me anxiety, I can’t imagine what space travel would do to me… But this list isn’t about real world, it’s about fantasy. And one of the first destinations I can remember wanting to visit was space.

I don’t want to get involved in any dangerous missions, but since the Enterprise’s primary objective was to explore new worlds… hopefully we could avoid any dangerous missions. I would be fine with exploring the known worlds, or even just going on a sightseeing jaunt around space. “Now, if you’ll look out the window to your left, you’ll see the planet Vulcan…”

6. The Book World

If you haven’t read the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde, then you should definitely check it out for so many reasons. The Book World is the world of all stories, where book characters live and the books are played out. I’m not sure how best to explain this, but essentially the book characters “live out” the book they’re from on repeat as people read it. Characters from popular books are busier than those from less read books.

In this world you can visit pretty much any novel. Some of the later books in this series even describe tourist groups to this world, though they are somewhat problematic, and not seen as entirely positive. I am fully of the opinion that the Book World should be protected and not be filled with high numbers of tourists, but I would still love to visit. This type of trip brings with it so many possibilities! I would also be amenable to visiting the world where Thursday lives.

7. Storybrooke and The Enchanted Forest

A foggy, enchanted looking forest

This is the world from the TV show Once Upon a Time. I suspect that this could be a bit of a dangerous place to visit (I’m sensing a theme here) but maybe it wouldn’t be too bad for tourists? I would love to eat in the Diner, pop into Mr. Gold’s shop, and visit all the key locations in both worlds.

I can imagine a walking tour that goes through the “history” of the town and it’s residents. There would be so much to hear and see on this type of tour with a good guide. I would like to take a similar trip to the Enchanted Forest, though I suspect this would need to be more of a bus (carriage?) tour. I would also like to visit Hook’s ship… especially if it’s Hook giving the tours.

8. Camp Half Blood/Camp Jupiter (by Rick Riordan)

I couldn’t figure out how best to include this destination on this list, since much of the enjoyment of the series is following the main characters on their quests. And while a quest could qualify as adventure tourism, I’m not sure I would like to sign the waiver form for a trip like that… so I settled on a visit to the camps. I think that you could get some of the experience, with less of the danger… at least in theory.

If anyone is wondering, I would like to stay in the Poseidon cabin during my stay at Camp Half Blood and I think Leo’s workshop at Camp Jupiter.

9. Red London

This is one of the London’s from V.E. Schwab’s “Shades of Magic” trilogy. This is a fantasy series that features 4 different parallel London’s. There’s Grey London, which is a version of London most closely related to the one that we would know. Then there’s Black London, which is located in a dead world, and White London that is located in a dying world. The London that I would like to visit is Red London.

This is a London where magic exists. It’s not perfect and, like many destinations on this list, it would have it’s share of dangers and places to avoid, but I think that it would be such a fun city to explore. I’m not sure if I would like to visit more places in the Red London world, or if I would confine myself to the city, but either way it would be a memorable trip.

10. Asgard (Marvel)

Once again, I feel the need to add the disclaimer that this might not be the safest of locations to visit. I also acknowledge that there are some spoilery things that would greatly affect a trip to Asgard. But let’s just pretend that we would be able to visit the world prior to those events.

I think that this would be such a unique location to visit, and getting there would be half the fun with the rainbow road! I would love to explore everything about this world and would probably take way too many pictures of the buildings and architecture. I’m not going to lie, I would also spend a great deal of time attempting to get a glimpse of a certain god of mischief… even if running into him would be one of those dangers I mentioned earlier!

These are the top fictional places that I would love to be able to travel to right now. In writing this post, I’ve actually become so nostalgic for each location that I think I’m going to need to add them to my summer read and watch lists in order to be able to satisfy that travel bug a little bit.

What about you, are any of these locations on your fictional travel list? Are there any places that you would add, or that I should check out? I would love to hear in the comments – I am always looking for great new fictional worlds!

Until next time,

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