10 Trips I’m Dreaming of Right Now

Hello Friends! Today we are dreaming about travel!

Since I don’t have infinite time or money for travel, I spend a great deal more time dreaming about trips than I do actually travelling. I also know that many of the trips that I would like to take will never happen. Because of that, I try to keep a balance in my dreaming between trips that I might reasonably be able to take at some point, and the ones that are mostly, or all, fantasy.

The list below contains a mixture of both types of trips. Some of them are currently in the “short term” dreaming stage – meaning that I consider these trips as not only possible, but probable. One of them may even become my next “big” trip, after Newfoundland. The first part of the list is comprised of these types of trips. The second part of the list is comprised of trips that are more long term or less likely to actually happen.

1. Fall and/or Winter Camping in our Trailer

Next June, if all goes as planned, we are getting a new travel trailer. There are many things that I am looking forward to with this new trailer, and one of the things is the possibility for an extended camping season. The trailer we are getting has a heater, and because it is fully enclosed with a hard top, it can easily be used in Fall and even Winter. I am hoping next fall to be able to take advantage of that for at least a weekend trip.

2. VIA Rail Train trip from Toronto to Vancouver

While I was procrastinating researching our Newfoundland trip, I stumbled upon the idea of taking a train trip across the country. This is something I have thought about for years, but I only recently started thinking about more seriously. I discovered that VIA rail has a route that is specifically designed for this type of trip – a trip where it’s more about the journey and less about the destination. It’s not inexpensive to take a train across the country, but based on what is included in the cost, it’s also not as costly as I was expecting it to be. This is the trip that I am currently considering as our next “big” trip.

3. Road Trip out west – Toronto to Vancouver

Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay

This trip is another that has been on my list for years, but we decided to focus on out East first. I have always intended that camping would be a big part of this trip, and now that we are getting a trailer with minimal setup, it will be that much easier to incorporate. I’ll get into it more in an upcoming post, but one of the big changes we were looking for in a new trailer was the ease of setup to assist on those nights where the only reason you’re stopping for the night is to sleep, so you don’t want to spend all your time setting up camp.

4. Lake Superior and Camping in Northern Ontario

This is a trip that will probably be done on a year when we’re not planning a big trip. The trip is big in terms of distance, but we will mostly camp in a couple locations, so we can do it on a much smaller budget than many of the other trips. We have done a lot of camping and travel more in southern Ontario, or North towards Ottawa/Quebec, and less towards Thunder Bay and the North West, so this is definitely an area that we would like to explore more. I think this would be a good trip to test out long distance driving with the trailer prior to committing to go out West.

5. Long Weekend in a tiny Cabin

This is another trip that will hopefully be possible in the relatively short term – if not this year, then maybe the next. I discovered Cabinscape through instagram and have wanted to stay in one of their cabins ever since. They are all relatively remote, off grid tiny cabins located in the general direction of Ottawa for the most part. They are beautiful cabins with beautiful views and locations for exploring in the woods. If this sounds intriguing to you, you should definitely check out their website and instagram feed.

6. A Resort Beach Vacation – Unknown Location

Sandy Beach with bright water
Image by かねのり 三浦 from Pixabay

I have never been on a winter vacation to a warm destination, other than a trip to Florida one year with a friend when I was young. I typically like to plan other types of trips for the summer, so it’s just something that has never made the short list. I still don’t know when it might happen, but as I get older, this type of vacation at the beach gains more and more appeal. I just want to see some beautiful bright blue oceans and sandy beaches, is that too much to ask?

7. Hawaii

Hawaii has been a dream destination for me for years. But this is one of those trips where I don’t know if it will ever actually happen. I haven’t gone deep enough yet to work out the details or draw up a potential budget, but I know that this is a more expensive trip and would be at the far outreaches of our budget. Especially since while there, I would want to make sure to see as much a possible, knowing that it would probably be a one time trip. This is one of those trips that will always fall into the “maybe someday” category.

8. Back to the UK (England and Scotland)

A view of the Thames in London, England

This is one of those trips that I don’t know when it will happen, but I also can’t drop it from the list. There are so many new places that I want to visit that, that it can be hard to justify planning to go back somewhere I’ve already been. But I love London, and I often find myself missing it, and wishing to go back. I also didn’t get to spend nearly enough time in Scotland while I was living in London. So I will keep on dreaming of a time when I can go back and visit the UK. Someday… Someday maybe.

9. Return to Nova Scotia – Kejimkujik National Park

A view from one of the trails in Keji National Park

This is another that falls into the category of, “returning to a place we’ve already been” trips. When we went to Nova Scotia a few years ago, we spent one night in Kejimkujik, or Keji as it is more commonly called. And it was not nearly enough time there. I would love to drive our trailer out to spend a week just in Keji. The only problems are that a) it’s a pretty long drive to go camping for a week, and b) there is one part of the drive that I know I would not love to do with a trailer behind me.

Maybe one day, when I am more comfortable driving with the trailer, we’ll be able to consider it. But I know that I will find myself dreaming of Keji frequently between now and then. If you are planning a trip to Nova Scotia, and you have not checked this park out, then you definitely should.

10. Russia

Image by Vlad Vasnetsov from Pixabay

This is my big trip dream that is probably never going to happen. There are so many barriers to a trip to Russia, and cost is only one of them. But I have dreamt of visiting Russia for years, and I will keep on dreaming of it, no matter how improbable it might be.

So that is my list of trips that I am currently dreaming of. Don’t be fooled by how short it is, as this list is in no way exhaustive. There are many, many other places on my travel dream list. I had a hard time limiting this list to just 10. But if I were to list every place that I might want to visit someday, this post would be much longer than anyone wants to read. And certainly longer than I want to write. These are the trips that float around in my mind the most often – even if some of them may never happen.

What about you? Do you have a list of trips that you are either actively planning or dreaming about? Does your list include trips that you know are unrealistic, but you just can’t stop yourself from dreaming about? Have you been to any of the destinations or taken any of the trips on this list? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

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