Update: I have not abandoned this Blog!

Some of you probably know that I am planning a long term trip to the UK later this year. What most of you probably don’t know is that 6 months ago I started a blog to chronicle everything related to that trip (including both the lead up and the trip itself). I wrote one introductory post and then… nothing… I completely abandoned all travel plan related writing… oops! I am here now to tell you that I am committed to writing actual content for that blog!

Don’t worry, I’m still planning on writing regular content for this blog (yes, yes, I know, I’m not doing a great job on that front either). If you are interested in my travel plans and adventures I would love it if you’d come visit me over at “The Great Wide Somewhere.” That being said, if you only want to follow one of my blogs I will try to post at least semi-regular update posts with links to what I’m writing elsewhere. I have a couple of ideas about how to format those update posts, but if you do have suggestions on how to share posts between similar but different blogs, I would love to hear your input in the comments!

Keep Smiling!

The Great Wide Somewhere

Just over six months ago I wrote my first (and so far only) post on this site. If you missed that post (and who could blame you if you did) you can read it here. At that time, I informed every one of my plans to head to the U.K. on a working holiday in June 2014. I also described the purpose of this blog: to write about all the travel related topics that I was sure would come up during the lead up to the trip and then, of course, to chronicle the trip itself.

After that tantalizing post, I promptly abandoned the blog. At least, that’s the way I’m sure it appeared.

I am here today to tell you that I have not abandoned my trip plans or my intentions to chronicle the entire process. It’s just that life got in the way, I got a bit stalled…

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One Week Without Facebook

I deleted my Facebook account one week ago. Well, technically I deactivated it – I didn’t want to take the time to send an email asking them to permanently delete it. But, since temptation and force of habit is so strong (and all it takes to reactivate an account is to sign back in), I also switched the password to something impossible to remember. Now I can’t accidentally sign back in out of force of habit.

Anyways, as I was saying, I deleted my Facebook account one week ago. And guess what? I survived.

There have been a number of times over the past week where I wanted to sign in. And a number of times I mysteriously found myself with a tab open I hadn’t consciously planned on opening (turns out clicking on the Facebook link on my Google Homepage tab was such a habit that when I deleted it I continued to click the site that took it’s place). I am happy to say, however, that one week in the desire to go check out Facebook has decreased significantly.

Yes, there are still times when I want to sign in to check up on what’s happening. There are times I want to search out pictures of my friend’s babies. And I do miss hearing about some of the antics of those same friend’s older siblings. But overall, I’m content with my decision to remove myself from Facebook.

Now, Megra12, I can hear you saying, “You said that breaking up with Facebook would give you more time to write and do other things along those lines… but this is your first blog post in a week.” Too true, too true. I have not written any more over the past week than I have in the last month. That being said, however, I have noticed some freed up time. I’ve had time to work on research and background reading for the story I want to write. I’ve had time to pull out my guitar and start learning again. And yes, I’ve procrastinated writing and scrapbooking and organizing with other websites such as Pinterest. But I’m getting there.

After all, I’m writing this post today aren’t I?

Keep Smiling!